Key Largo / Tavanier
ScubaBoard and Conch Republic Deep Wreck Dives
14-July-2006 to 16-July-2006

Dive #
Up Time Depth Time % O2 PO2 In
Temp Vis Location Date
1-560 - 107 28 30 1.26 3700 1700 120 -83 50 ft Duane Night Dive 14-July-2006
Friday Evening 1st Dive
My first night dive in a few years! Had an Orlando Dive Partner. Went down to take pictures. This was a rairity - my only dive on the Duane with minimal current! I wanted to get pics of the cuda above the bow and of the crow's nest. After we got to the deck level, I took a pic of my dive partner and turned to get a pic of a fish. When I turned back, my dp was GONE?? Later I found out the dp panicked and did a free assent with no stops to the surface. Dp was Ok, not down long enough to have deco problem on the fast rise. I did not see the dp, so continued to take pics [ not much else you can do on a night dive - everybody looks the same ]. Got some pics of the bridge area and the big school of spade fish. Pics of the crow's nest and other areas with lot's of fish. Nice dive, but it was over with tooooo fast!
2-561 12:48 109 ft 42 min 30 1.28 3700 1000 120 85 80 ft Eagle 15-June-2006
Saturday Morning, 1st Dive
Nice dive on the Eagle. Led a newbie on the dive and gave the grand tour of down the stern line, over to the split looking for fish. Saw three BIG Jew Fish. Went towards the bow and through the between the hulls swim trough [ big enough to drive an airplane through. Saw a nice size Tarpon near the bow and got some pics. Came back the same way and went through the bridge - stood where the steering wheel would be. Another nice dive on the Eagle. Saw a 6 ft Tarpon swimming all around - tried to get some pics, 3 big Grouper and lot's of Blue Water.
3-562 0:43 109 32 30 1.28 3200 1100 80 83 50 ft Eagle 15-June-2006
Saturday Morning 2nd dive
Another nice Eagle dive similar to the first, except we had a short bottom time due to the short up time. Could not go deep again due to the short up time. Did the stern to bow trick again, Nice dive, Nice tarpon pics. Again saw the BIG Jew Fish at the split on the ships bottom side. Saw the Tarpon again.
4-563 2:36 107 31 30 1.26 3700 2100 120 83 50 Duane 15-July-2006
Saturday Afernoon 1st Dive
Nice daytime dive on the Duane. Due to the other ships present, we went down the bow line and up the stern. This allowed me to float above the main deck for pics. Got several pics of the crows nest. Nice way to dive and see the upper levels without worrying about coming down to the main deck.
5-564 0:38 27 ft 33 min 29 0.?? 3200 ?? 80 83 50 Pickles Reef 15-July-2006
Saturday Afternoon 2nd dive
A quick drop for this dive. It was kind of a continued decompression from the 1st dive.
6-565 12:13 83 ft 56 min 30 1.05 3700 1500 120 83 30-40 ft Conch Wall 16-June-2006
Sunday Morning 1st Dive
Well with strong currents all around, and some engine problems on the big boat, we did a mouring dive on Conch Wall. Down we went and headed into the current. The current was strong and it was hard to make headway against it on top. So we went down the wall to about 85 ft - I looked at the depth and signaled my dp to come up some, so we'd have some bottom time. Took pics, saw one bug. A short time into the dive, my dp was down to 1500 lbs, so we headed back. Back at the mouring, we circiled some and my dp went up due to low air. I still had 2300 lbs in my HP 120's so I stayed down. I wend down the wall again and worked into the current some again taking pics. Finally was getting bored so came back an went up the line with the rest of the group.
7-566 0:40 25 ft 56 min 30 0.52 3700 2200 120 83 50 ft Horse Shoe 16-May-2006
Sunday Morning 2nd dive
Well this was kind of a decompresion dive. Just hanging at 15 - 20 ft with enough air for 2 hours. Swam along the ledge for a while till my dp again ran low on air. Dropped off the dp and continued on to look at the fishes and take pics. Nice dive. This was outside of the Underwater Habitat - I'd sure like to swim over to it and take a peak at ti!

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