Several years ago, I purchased two UK-6 Dive Flashlights . These lights take 6 'C' Cells and are very bright. Over my 10+ years of diving, I've purchased many lights offered at Dive Shops and on the Internet. None of the lights would hold up for any extensive useage.

I've probably got 200 dives on each of these lights . The only problems over the years of usage would be the annual battery replacement and 'O' ring re-grease. The lights were really great for lobster hunting as they had a good spot with long throw.

While doing some La-La diving [ pre Lobster Hunting Dives ], both of my lights presented problems where they would work on the surface but did not work at 60 ft. I replaced the batteries and cleaned the visible contacts, but they still failed at depth.

Upon contacting UK [, Underwater Kinetics, 12400 Danielson St, Poway, Ca, 92064, 800-852-7483 ], ther technicians stated I must have gotten water in the lights and corroded the contacts . They stated that they would send me new contacts, free of charge!

To my supprise, a week later I received two New UK-6 Flashlights ! UK stands by their statement of a "Limited Lifetime Warranty" and I highly recommend thier products!

Geo / The Irishman

Last Updated: 10-Aug-2005

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