Wall Diving in Fantasy Island Resort, Roatan

Sept 11 - 18, 2005

Digital Camera Above Water Pics

1. Flight to Roatan

2. Food in Fantasy Island

3. Pics of Fantasy Island Resort

4. Pics of Roatan from sea

5. Return home from Roatan

Underwater Pics.

The pictures taken and prints presented here are of very poor quality . I rented an underwater camera and was talked into using a wide angle lens. The strobe would not give enough light at the angle of the lens width to give good results.
E.G. at say 5 ft distance away from the subject, the lens had a width of 10 ft. The strobe would only light up 5 ft of width. The picture centers were over exposed, the next outer ring was Ok, the outside was underexposed.

Also, I had the local drug store scan the negatives to get the jpg digital images presented here. This turned out to be of a lower quality than if I had scanned the prints myself. Unfortunately, there was not enough time for me to scan the prints. I may try to re-scan some as time permits.

Many of the prints are of ranges farther than 10 ft. At the depths we were at [ 50 - 70 ft], you get the typical color loss and everything is BLUE! So, it was very difficult to try to shoot a picture of the wall going down 50 ft to a ledge and then another 100 ft or more to some sand. There just was not enough light.

1. Ship and Airplane from Beach Dive

2. Sponges

3. Fish

4. Mary's Place

5. Ledges and Stuff

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