DIVE REPORT - Saturday, 31-May-97, West Palm Beach, The Rampage (1-800-525-0876)

It's about 125 miles from Satellite Beach to the dive boat. Left Melbourne at 5:30 am (I'm an early bird), arrived at the Dixie Divers Dive Shop at 7:15 am to purchase a few small items. Off to the boat at 7:30 am, and Capt Bob, Eva the German Dive Master (Wow!!!) and Linda the other Dive Master left the docks at 8:00. The Princess Ann was our first dive, 90' for 20 minutes - it was a short dive. Vis was only about 40', but the view was great. Lots and lots of fish, and of course the beautiful Princess Ann ship! The second dive was of course the Breakers , 61' for 35 minutes. Again, vis about 40', but lots of fish and all kinds of colors on the coral. The seas were about 1', temp was 80's, clear blue skies, typical Florida paradise.

Were still looking for people to do this Sat or Sun dive every other week. I'd like to stay down for both the morning and afternoon dive. Maybe even go down Sat morning and back Sun afternoon, staying at the Holiday Inn on the Ocean! The dives cost $35 if you have all of your own equipment - really inexpensive entertainment.

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