Bacardi Limon Beach Dive Team

Beach Dive Florida Florida - Dive the 1711 Wrecks 24-June-2001

Including the Urca de Lima

Dive Trip Report to: Florida's Beaches!
Purpose: To Beach Dive Florida for old wrecks, cannon, ships, bugs etc!

Dive Reports:

Date / Dive #: Sunday , Morning Dive. My Dive #
A. Dive Beach Location: Beach Dive - Beach Dive - Ft. Pierce / Pepper Park
B. Conditions:
Visibility: 30 ft in the beginning at the 3rd reef, down to 20 ft on the way in at the 2nd reef.
Seas: Flat
Water Temp: 81 - 83 deg on the bottom at 11 ft
Skies: Typical Florida Sunny Clear Blue Skies!!
Air Temp: 80's
C. Dive Information:
Depth & Time: Me: Genesis Nitrox Dive Computer - I give up in trying to use a computer for bottom time. Most computer will trigger to the next dive at 5 ft - well, most of our beach dives only go to 10 ft and there is some time spent at 5 ft where there is a large relief of reef.
Air consumption: Me: 3400 - 1000, 80 cu ft tank.
Current: No current and no wind. Slight surge near the shoreline.
Description: Weekend Dive Trip Preliminary Report by the Bacardi Limon Beach Dive Team:

Well, since the Weeki Wachee Dive with the mermaids was canceled due to lightening storms on the west coast yesterday, we decided to dive in Ft. Pierce at Pepper Park. The crew included myself (The Irishman), Laura , her two children and a newbie from Patrick. Several other's backed out at the last moment - that' s OK, we had a smaller fun group. We've acquired a 9 ft inflatable boat for use by the snorkelers - the S.S. Nemesis! They paddle the boat out, while the divers kick out on their back. When the dive site it reached, the divers go under and drag the boat while the snorkelers are on the surface above the divers. The boat also provides for storage of emergency provisions required by some of the crew.

The weather was perfect. We all slept in late and arrived at Pepper Park at 8:30 am (instead of the normal 7:30 - 8:00 am). It was to be a relaxful dive and not a rush to get everybody in the water together. We inflated, provisioned and launched the S.S. Nemesis, with Laura in command and the two grunts as crew. The seas were flat, no wind, a very light surge in near shore. The visibility in-shore was great - we could see our fins in 3 ft of water! The lifeguard had said the vis wasn't as good as last week, with maybe 30 ft vis on the third reef. Also, they hadn't seen any sharks yet today, but did have a school of Tarpon go through just as we were getting ready to launch the S.S. Nemesis. With diver floating on his back, the snorkelers in the S.S. Nemesis and the newbie free swimming - out we went. The ships captain complained some about poor steering control of the ship. But, as the rescue crew approached the S.S. Nemesis, the captain regained control and proceeded outwards to the third reef. The swim / paddle out was otherwise uneventful. Again, the seas were flat, it was a nice warm sunny day. The water felt warm, it was later measured as 81 - 83 deg on the bottom (11 ft deep). On the third reef line, the diver descended to the depths and the Nemesis crew started their snorkel runs. We turned south and followed some of the relief lines. There were some small fish, and the Laura spotted one bug under a ledge. Diver Irishman attempted to coax the bug out from under it's hiding spot - but to no avail. It just went in deeper. It was a small bug - definitely undersize. A few minutes later, Diver Irishman spotted a good size baracuda and notified the crew on top (snorkelers above him). Our newbie was above the baracuda keeping an eye on them when the others started to look for it. Some of the Nemesis crew started to panic on the site of Two 5 Ft Long dark black baracuda just sitting still on top of a reef line. Diver Irishman approached to within 10 ft, the baracuda moved only slightly so he cut off his approach. The snorkelers noted the baracuda had a lot of small silvery fish swimming around them.

We continued southward until Diver Irishman was down to 1500 lbs of air (a full tank was 3200 lbs). We then headed into the second reef line and turned back north. The vis took a turn for the worst - down to about 20 ft. The reef was covered with broad leaf grass like growth. There was not much to see. Sometimes on the way back, following the shore side of the second reef shows about a foot or two of relief and a lot of life. Well, there was not much to see. When we were opposite the entrance lifeguard station, we headed back in. We probably had an hour and a half to two hours of water time. The conditions were very good. It was hot, but not a baking hot. There were some clouds on the horizon, but no TB's approaching. The park was not crowded with only a few people on the beaches.

On shore, the dive gear was washed in the nearby showers. The S.S. Nemesis was deflated, washed and packed away. We had our traditional Bacardi Limon Rum and Coke toast for the Newbie to the group. About 1/2 way home, the skies darkened and the rains began. Our timing was good. We all had a fun filled, relaxful, interesting dive when the conditions around the rest of the state were bad.

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