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Dive Trip to: Pompano - The Pompano Dropoff!

If you haven't tried beach diving in South Florida, you're missing some awesome beach dives! The reef line comes in the closest to shore around the Pompano / Ft. Lauderdale area. Some of the beach dives are beautiful. The marine life is abundant!

Here's what the Beach Diving Locations book says about the Pompano Dropoff:

"Flat rock masses, several 100 ft wide, with seawhips, sponges, algae, corals and marine tropicals. Outer edge of the flat has been undercut. The edge has broken off and fallen to the sand outside, resulting in tilted blocks, holes, and caves... Beautiful sightseeing reef. One of the prettiest beach dives in South Florida!" Depth: max 22 ft.

We are planning to do the Pompano Dropoff beach dive Saturday, July 1st. How about trying this beach dive?

Date: Saturday, July 1st.
Time: Arrive around 10am - enter water around 10:30am
Distance: It is about a 2 hour drive from Melbourne. (About 150 miles.)
Amenities: Fresh water shower at beach access. Nearby shops, restaurants, pub. 3 dive stores within 1 mile(rent gear/tanks down there!).

Beach diving is always a last minute call. We'll will be watching the winds and the waves. You can usually tell 2 -3 days prior if conditions are favorable for easy entry and good vis. If the winds are favorable, and the seas are flat, vis can be to 50ft! Yeah, for a beach dive! (It's usually around 20-40.) Pompano Dropoff

Location: Pompano Beach, approximately .4 miles south of the Pompano Pier.
Directions and parking: From I-95, exit East on Atlantic Blvd. Go east to A1A (aprox. 2 1/2 miles). Go south to SE2nd Street (first left turn you encounter). Go east (left) to the end (1 block) where there are four metered parking spaces. (Beach access is right there!) If these are full, there is also metered parking along SE 2nd Street. Bring quarters.
Point of Entry: Directly East of the beach access. Beach access is directly in front of the 4 metered parking spaces. (Fresh water shower is right there.) If you have a dive flag, please bring it.

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