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Beach Dive Florida Florida - Dive the 1711 Wrecks **-**-2002

Including the Urca de Lima

Dive Trip Report to: Florida's Beaches!
Purpose: To Beach Dive Florida for old wrecks, cannon, ships, bugs etc!

Dive Reports:

Date / Dive #: Saturday Morning Beach Dive. My Dive # 483
A. Dive Beach Location: Beach Dive - Pepper Park
B. Conditions:
Visibility: Well we could see our fins - kind of!
Seas: Perfectly FLAT
Water Temp: 73 deg - didn't feel bad wth the hight 80's sun and all blue sky
Skies: Typical Florida Sunny Clear Blue Skies!!
Air Temp: High 80's on the beach
C. Dive Information:
Depth & Time: Me: Genesis Nitrox Dive Computer - 14 feet for 25 min [ got bored with the low vis ]
Air consumption: Me: 3000 lbs to 2200 lbs, used up 800 lbs, could have stayed down a long time if the vis was good
Current: No Current, slight surge
Description: Well this was our first beach dive of the season and was a beach / reef cleanup for Earth Day. We got together with a group from Ft. Pierce - Lee & Gary Hedrick, For Our ONLY O.N.E. W.I.L.D. W.O.R.L.D . Many showed up, many didn't! I was there early and the air was very cool, the ocean flat. After paddling out to the third reef in my Cobra Navigator Sit-On-Top kayak, getting up the courage to jump in - in ya go! The water wasn't very cold, but the vis was bad - a few feet. As the group appeared, we decide to go in anyway - it's the 1st beach dive of the season and it's an Earth Day Cleanup. I towed the kayak with a dive flag in place of the normal dive flag for visibility and for anyone to hang on that might get tired. Twas interesting to go down - all you saw was brown / white no vis water. You approaced the bottom very very carefully - don't want to land on an urchan. I stayed on Top of the reefline. Didn't want to bump up against a nurse shark or sting ray with no warning or bump my head into a wall. All in all, I saw 3 fish - each about 3" long. Lot's of Urchans, some interesting white spots on the reef. There was no red / orange algae as reported futher down south.

Dive Trip Report from Lee of O.N.E.W.I.L.D.W.O.R.L.D

Photos & NEWS of the 1st Limon Dive Team and O.N.E.W.I.L.D.W.O.R.L.D. beach and reef clean up / report from the beaches of Ft Pierce ~ Sat April 23, 2005 ~ It was a GREAT DAY ..

Next week... O.N.E.W.I.L.D.W.O.R.L.D. Sponsors ~ Dive In To Earthday Beach/waterway Clean Up, Surfside Beaches, South Beach Ft Pierce ~ Special Guest Presentor, Dr Brian Lapointe, Harbor Branch ~Coral reefs and the spread of Caulerpa brachypus, Kevin Stinette, Indian Riverkeeper, Robert Bangert, St Lucie County Conservation Alliance, Devon & Jessie Green, Heal The World Recycling.Volunteers , Families and YOu are invited to HELP Clean Up too!

Lee & Gary

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From O.N.E.W.I.l.D.W.O.R.L.D. /Lee & Gary ~ April 23

Here is some NEWS about todays 'Dive in" To Earthday Scuba Dive and beach Clean Up today (April 23) organized by the IRISHMAN, George Mckenney and held at Pepper Park, North Beach, Ft Pierce.

If YOU didnt get the chance to hook up with us today at the beach today YOU missed a great day..gorgeous weather, great new friends was a beautiful beach day...the ocean was FLAT Calm...

We decided it was time to get to the beach and do some scuba diving too ....but, for us scuba divers the only thing missing was VISABILITY....and it was a bit COLD in the early morning ..but, with a wetsuit/skin ... the water wasnt so bad..
the seas looked l gorgeous..color was beautiful..Gary, George,Doug,Jason,Ken, Matt, George and John chose to suit up and try to see what they could see downunder ..
not me..with no vis.....I decided I would just snorkel as I figured why bother with all the gear to see (nothing) so, snorkel I did..out to almost 3rd reef line..couldnt see anything ...what a great workout though...met up with Ken who decided he would just snorkel too...

After the snorkel and (swim) we just decided to go in and meet up with the others to walk the beaches and doa beach clean up... Geri and Rahtree joined us ...on our beach clean up we filled 2 trash bags between the four of us ..about wasnt to bad on the beach...mostly balloons & cigarettes, construction debris, and some nasty monofiliment fishing line.....not good, all this kind of man made pollution causes harm to the oceans, coral reefs and marine animals ..

Gary and the others did manage to get all the way out there today and DIVE...and added an underwater clean up in the plan.. you couldnt SEE much downunder, there wasnt much to bring up today....

Doug brought in a Huge (heavy) sign ...the sign must have whipped out into the oceans during hurricanes of this past was a "No Lifeguard On Duty" a good photo of that one..will have those pictures soon...
it was weird seeing them pull that in ... I kept wondering if that might be where some of the"Adopt A Beach" signs ended up as well...

Gary said visibility was only good enough to see when you put your face about 3-4 inches into the reef...he managed to look in some holes and saw some BUGS (lobsters) still hiding in their hole bad its to LATE in the season to take those guys..the "Mini season" for the lobster hunt is just around the corner in July ... but he did manage to find me a nice shell ..(nothing in it) a little conch shell.. that was fun..a surprize when we got home...

Gary also pulled in a large dumbell weight with a line on it...he actually had to use that weight to keep him on the bottom as his weightbelt was giving him some trouble ..

George McKenney, the Irishman says todays dive was a good day and beginning of a season of scuba diving off Pepper was a day to get back in the water once again, meet some old friends and make new ones and get some new interest going again to more scuba diving soon

I thought today a good day to doa Check Out dive to see how gear is and if we are ready for the season... we were able to see what (dive gear) might need some attention before we get back into the water again.. ...

We plan to do much more scuba diving off Pepper Park this summer...bathtub reef in Martin County is yet another great place to dive on The Treasure many great spots to CHECK OUT in Florida...

It will be interesting to see how things have changed downunder since hurricanes ...George suggested the Urca De Lima (Wedge) wreck would be a great dive to check out ..right off the beach at Pepper Park too.. buoy ball marking wreck anymore ..but, maybe next dive we will look for it ...

George Mckenney "The Irishman" and I have been communicating online and decided we whould pull together our friends and divers we know and do this "Dive In" to Earthday Scuba meet Up today .. then we just added a beach clean up was amazing to me tosee so many from melbourne area meet us today ..that goes to show ee have some great beaches and great diving here in St Lucie County...

..Kelly and her son Jason showed up later in the afternoon from Ocala and hit the water for a dive ..still visibility had not cleared up but the water was refreshing for all of us to snorkel dive and swim

The Crew who met today was made up of The Irishman, George McKenney, John Dockendorf, Ken Edgcombe, Matt Eserhart, Kelly Leigh and her son Shawn from Ocala ,Rahtree and Doug Pritchard, Melbourne , Geri Webster of Palm Bay, Jason Shorey, Melbourne and Lee & Gary of Port St Lucie...We also had the company of Kristin Jacobson and Kim McElnivery, (two lifeguards of N. Beach) Ft Pierce...they joined us to say "Hello!" ..

I met Kristin back on ( August ) last clean up .. we talked about the Beach Clean up for next Sat April 30th ...

Kristin & Kim are going to ( Volunteer ) to get some more people of North Beach interested to come out and help with the clean up on North beach and might find some time between their Lifeguard jobs to join us for the Earthday festivities later in the afternoon

So, if interested in cleaning up at Pepper Park or north beaches next week , grab a trash bag and GO or loojk for the Volunteer out there with trash bags, gloves and info of the day ....the Inlet State Park Managers are also assisting and can help with questions and information...

There is also Check In at the Surfside Beach spot in Ft Pierce on South Beach...8:00am for pick up of clean up supplies and materials...

So, we hope to see Everyone out in the morning on Sat April 30th for another clean up of the beaches and waterways and communities in Ft Pierce ....
join us later in the afternoon for the
O.N.E. W.I.L.D. W.O.R.L.D "Dive In" To Earthday Appreciation and Celebration
12-3pm ...JC Parkpavillion#1 Lagoon side

The company of all these new friends today was really great..we enjoyed meeting everyone ..the chicken (lunch) and other refreshents today brough to the beach by Doug and Rahtree and the Irishman was delicious..we even taste tested some scuba fuel!
Later we sat around, talking and enjoying each others company ..
We plan to "meet" each other and some more scuba divers again very soon...Join us, or tell us where YOU might want to meet to Dive , Dive, Dive!
Call Lee & Gary Hedrick, (772) 336-9252 or OR call on the Irishman at
Bring strong shoes, gloves, extra trash bags to the clean up if you have them...look for the trailer on South beach, A1A to Check In or just take the time to head out with friends to your favorite spot and help Clean Up the beaches and shorelines and communities in your area ....
..we appreciate you and will see you in the afternoon for the Earthday Celebration Party to enjoy food, fun, prizes, raffles, kids activities and a great time to enjoy Paradise ..and each other ..
People meeting people, having fun, making a difference ...One Ocean, One Nature, One Day At A TimeTM.. Everyday IS Earthday!!

Have a wonderful week!
Lee & Gary Hedrick
For Our ONLY
O.N.E. W.I.L.D. W.O.R.L.D TM

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