Dive Florida - Reefs, Fish, Blue/Green Water

Dive Trip Report to: West Palm Beach
Purpose: To Dive in Florida

Dive Reports:

Dive #1: Saturday, 08-Apr-2000, Noon Dive. My Dive #287
A. Dive Boat / Location: The Rampage / Flower Garden
B. Conditions:
Visibility: 40 ft
Seas: 1 - 2 ft
Water Temp: ?
Skies: SCBS (Sunny Clear Blue Skies
Air Temp: 80's
C. Dive Information:
Depth & Time: Me: Genesis Nitrox Dive Computer - 56 ft for 44 min, Analog - 50 (??), Cochran Captain (Very Unreliable Dive Computer) - ???
Air consumption: Me: 3500 lb to 1200 lb (120 cu ft)
Current: Mild - Medium
Description: The Ocala Gang was here! I buddied up with Mo (good looking Red Head) and her Female Friend - we make an interesting team. There was two good size Turtles, and a 6 ft Nurse Shark. There were also a good number of Bugs - just laughing at us (Bug Season is over till Aug).

There was no second dive! Capt Bob's hudraulic steering sprun a leak and we had to resort to manual seerting. This consisted of a 10 ft bar attatched to the square end of the rudder post! It was an interesting trip back! Shit happens - Capt Bob did the right thing - we'll be back for more!

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